Product overview:

Weather Station v1 is able to detect weather conditions in the installed area. The idea behind this product is the fact that there are many regions in developing countries where no local weather stations are being installed. This remote device allows easy installation and can produce accurate weather report of the installed area. The main functions include detecting temperature, humidity, PM2.5 and PM10, and rain. If it’s in a wifi environment, it can send weather data into an android app.


Product Construction: 

A. Hardwares:

  1. Temperature and Humidity sensor
    1. Prototype uses DHT22 temperature-humidity sensor
  2. Air quality sensor
    1. Prototype uses DLS-01 Laser Dust sensor. Can switch to DSM501A Dust Sensor instead.
  3. Rain sensor
    1. Prototype uses YS-83 Arduino rain sensor.
  4. Intel Edison R2 kit with Arduino Breakout Board
  5. Data Acquisition Board (DAQ)
    1. Prototype uses a custom DAQ
    2. When building, use any DAQ with a 5V power supply port, a USB port, and a dual serial data I/O.
  6. 5 Volt power adaptor
  7. A box
  8. Android running devices

B. Hardware construction

  1. System Component Diagram: Connect wires according to the diagram, finishing the hardware construction

System Component Diagram

C. Software Construction

  1. Software Requirements:
    1. Windows operating system
    2. Intel Edison Driver Setup
    3. Intel Edison Configuration Tool
    4. Arduino IDE
    5. Keil µVision
    6. STC12LE5A32S2 Chip Download Software
    7. Microsoft IIS Web Service
    8. Android Developer Tools
  2. Software Details
    1. Intel Edison Driver Setup:
      1. Version: IntelEdisonDriverSetup1.2.1.exe
      2. Description: A driver for the Intel Edison board
    2. Intel Edison Configuration Tool
      1. Version: intel_edison_setup_win_v2016.2.007.exe
      2. Description: Program that configures the Intel Edison Board. The WIFI configuration has to say Online before developing
    3. Arduino IDE
      1. Version: arduino-1.5.3-Intel.1.0.4
      2. Description: IDE for coding Intel Edison
      3. When using the IDE, make sure to set the serial port to COM5 and board to Intel Edison. The final product might not work if set incorrectly
      4. Code written in this program is for handling the states of rain detector and combining it with other data received from the serial, and send it to the Internet server.
    4. Keil µVision
      1. Version: Developers Kit Version: 9.01
      2. Description: Mainly for developing programs on the Data Acquisition Board. This program will receive data from the temperature and air quality sensor and send it to Intel Edison. It will generate a file called “CENTER1-00-00.hex”
    5. STC12LE5A32S2 Chip Download Software
      1. Version: etc-isp-15xx-v6.86.exe
      2. Description: This software is responsible for downloading the “CENTER1-00-00.hex” generated by Keil µVision to the Data Acquisition Board.
      3. Make sure to set the chip model to “STC12LE5A32S2”, select “CENTER1-00-00.hex” as the download file, change the Baud Rate to 9600, and enter “55 AA FF FF FE 00 0C 53 4A 59 4B 06” in the box below Baud Rate.
    6. Microsoft IIS Web Service
      1. Description: Collect data from Intel Edison and save it to the access database, then sends the data to cellphone.
    7. The compiled file is “Weather.apk”, which can be used on any android device.

D. Product limitations

  1. There is no rain protection. Only the rain detection board can have contact with water.
  2. No display. Future versions will have display added to eliminate the need of Internet.
  3. No installation marking. If installed on more than one site, the server will not be able to distinguish weather stations installed in different locations.
  4. High requirement for installation area. The area has to be a good place for recording weather (i.e. root top of a building). And the place has to provide power and wifi network. Future versions will have a solar panel to provide power, and also be compatible for 4G/LTE network to increase location flexibility.

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